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Since 1989, UNIFIVE has been known for its “high quality and high reliability” in the market of AC/DC power supplies (Adapter and Open Frame etc.).

We are committed to research and development of products that meet the increasingly sophisticated electronics industry and are widely used in computers, home appliances, consumer electronics, communications, information, industry, medical and other fields.
We also have patents for a 360-degree AC PIN interchangeable type adaptor and it is a leading, world-exclusive design.

UNIFIVE provides products which are smaller, lighter, more power efficient, and easier to use.
We sell products all over the world and get the certifications for each country. And also acquired ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, etc. to ensure products meet the latest regulations.

Customized Solution

In addition to providing customers with standard adaptors, UNIFIVE also strives to provide unique products and customized service at a high quality and adhering to regulation to satisfy customers’ special requests.

Experienced Team

UNIFIVE has been established for 30 years, has great development experience in switching power supplies, and also has the most professional service team. We will continue to work with customers to create competitive products.

About Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products and services, such as AC adapters, switching power supplies, etc., please feel free to contact us.

Quality Initiatives

UNIFIVE has established a quality assurance system covering all processes in product development.

Commitment to Quality About us

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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