We create usable, efficient, and reliable power supplies.

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of its AC adapters and switching power supplies through a rigorous quality assurance process. By incorporating original specifications, design, development, mass production and post-shipping maintenance, UNIFIVE has established an industry-leading process that results in consistently efficient and reliable AC adapters and switching power supplies.

UNIFIVE provides stability

With offices in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea, UNIFIVE is well-positioned to provide a stable supply of products to both current and future customers.

UNIFIVE is at the forefront of AC adapter and switching power supply development. In a world in which international standards drive requirements and customers need more in their power supplies, UNIFIVE provides products that are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and easier to use. UNIFIVE listens to its customers and works closely with them to provide high-value, custom-tailored products.

1. We provide the supply to meet ever-increasing demands.

UNIFIVE provides products that are custom-tailored to a customer’s specific applications. After working closely with customers to determine their needs, requirements are quickly and accurately communicated to UNIFIVE’s manufacturing bases, either alongside the over 1,500 models developed annually in its main R&D center in Shenzhen, China, or with open-frame power supplies developed in its R&D center in Taipei, Taiwan. UNIFIVE produces reliable products at scale and proves that by providing over 15,000 samples per year to customers. While other manufacturers are moving toward high-volume production of a narrow range of products, UNIFIVE strives to maintain personal relationships with each customer by meeting their specific requirements and shipping lots as small as 200 units.

Quantity of model type / year

  • 1,500
  • General


It is not the number of models that are mass-produced
by the number of sample model types to be created annually.
(Examination of UNIFIVE)

Sample quantity / year

  • 15,000
  • General


It is not the number of models that are mass-produced
by the number of sample model types to be created annually.
(Examination of UNIFIVE)





We also accept custom orders from MOQ 200.

However, UNIFIVE does not stop here: it continues to invest in its manufacturing base to address growing customer needs and provide stable production volumes. Its dedication to these ideals brings focus to all parts of the manufacturing pipeline, including it relationships with raw materials providers and the logistics chain.

2. We provide high reliability at a good cost.

UNIFIVE strives to provide customers with high-quality, unique products. In service of this goal, UNIFIVE is always working to acquire new technologies that can help produce better AC adapters and switching power supplies.

Customer feedback is integral to the production process, as is the automation that helps UNIFIVE produce consistently high-quality products at a high volume. UNIFIVE is one of the most popular power supply brands in Japan, a pedigree which has earned it the right to produce power supplies for major electronics companies. Since its establishment, UNIFIVE has consistently grown its customer base while maintaining high product satisfaction among its customers.

3. We reach our customers, no matter where they are.

UNIFIVE cares about reaching customers wherever they are and meeting whatever regulations they require. UNIFIVE produces regulation-compliant products with high yield rates through better quality assurance and compliance with international standards. UNIFIVE serves major manufacturers around the world and provides only products that pass the highest quality assurance standards. UNIFIVE provides detailed, customized products quickly to any customer in the world who needs AC adapters and switching power supplies.

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