Supplier selection and evaluation

This page introduces our supplier selection method and policy. In developing, manufacturing and selling AC adapters and switching power supplies, we have adopted high quality, competitive material price parts based on solid relationship of trust with suppliers, cooperation system.

At our company, when developing, manufacturing and selling the AC adapter, we aim for "procurement of materials" at our company as "fair and impartial".
In addition, reliable acquisition of high quality parts is established by mutual trust and cooperation with suppliers.

  • "Fair" means conducting transactions with suppliers in accordance with established procedures.
  • "Equity" means equally contacting suppliers.

We also place importance on cooperative relationships with suppliers concerning improvement of technical capability, stability of quality, competitive material price etc.

Supplier selection policy

Our company assumes dealings with suppliers under the following conditions.

  • Having a stable management base and production base.
  • Being in compliance with laws and social norms.
  • Have high technical ability to contribute to our products
  • Based on our selected green procurement standards, environmental management is included in management

We select "better and superior supplier" in addition to "stable and optimum QCDS + E".

In selection, we will emphasize management policies and activities that will become future competitive as well as past and present results.

  • "Q" is to continue to supply procurement items of appropriate quality.
  • "C" is to supply price competitive procurement items.
  • "D" is the ability to handle supply in a timely and appropriate amount.
  • "S" is the provision of multifaceted services.
  • "E" is environmental impact reduction of procurement items for the purpose of environmental conservation.

In addition to the above, we will conduct strict internal reviews and external audits within the company.

1. Risk check

Is the manufacturer that starts a new transaction a sound company? Is there a stable management board? We check risks such as whether we have funds problems. In addition to submitting documents such as business licenses, we will also request surveys during the external investigation period, if necessary.

2. Self audit through document review

First of all, we will take the examination with the document before confirming the site, and confirm whether we can meet the reference point. Besides quality concerns, content is confirmed by document review from the viewpoint of ISO and the environment.

3. On-site audit by maker visit

When the document examination passes, it will be confirmed at the work site heading for factory audit. Normally, the audit department of the product pipe and the purchasing department of the CE (parts approval department) go all the way to the site and conduct the audit. In addition to general process audit, we will also audit documents such as ISO at the same time.

4.Final judgment

If there is a part that needs improvement in addition to the result of the audit, you will be able to submit an improvement report and be able to officially start trading as an audit passed to the manufacturer that gained more than 90 points, which is the acceptance standard point.

We conduct renewal audits once a year, including existing trading makers, and strive to improve the quality of manufacturers.

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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