Quality control system

This page describes our quality control system.

What is quality control?

In "JIS Z 8101 Quality Management Terminology", the definition of quality control is defined as follows.

"Quality control": A system of means for economically producing goods or services of quality that meet the requirements of the buyer. Quality control is abbreviated as QC and modern quality control adopts statistical means, so it may be called statistical quality control or statistical process management in particular.

In order to effectively implement quality control, it is necessary to conduct market research, research and development, product planning, design, production preparation, purchase / outsourcing, manufacturing, inspection, sales and after-sales service, and corporate activities such as finance, It is necessary to participate and cooperate with all of the enterprises, including managers, administrators, supervisors, workers, etc., throughout the entire stages. The quality control performed in this way is called company-wide quality control or comprehensive quality control.

In other words, what is quality control

  • We fully grasp the quality required by customers and society
  • Economically produce products of quality that match this and put it on the market
  • A system in which all departments of corporate activities efficiently improve and maintain quality in order to obtain satisfaction of customers and society

Our quality control system

About "grasping the quality required by customers"

We are implementing the following initiatives.

  •     Our company's Japanese office and China factory hold a meeting with customers on technical specifications
  •     Draft of product specifications
  •     Evaluation by technical samples (ES: Engineering Samples), identification of problems
  •     Reliability evaluation by customer sample (CS: Customer Samples), identification of problems.
  •     In addition to the design department, the quality assurance department (QA department) conducted design verification from a third-party perspective.
  •     Conduct design review
  •     CS customer submission
  •     Acquisition of product specifications approval

About "to economically produce quality products conforming to this and put it on the market"

  • We are implementing the following initiatives.
  • Acceptance inspection for all purchased parts based on ANSI / ASQC Standard Z1.4
  • For all purchased parts, the content inspection of RoHS-specific hazardous substances was carried out by fluorescent X-ray equipment.
  • For the solder of the jet flow solder bath, the content of lead is inspected every day by fluorescent X-ray equipment.
  • For the transformer, disassembled and inspected Magnet wire winding number · winding method (coarse winding, close winding) · winding method of insulation tape · number of turns etc.
  • For DC code (plug, USB, core), disassemble and inspect soldering quality.
  • Based on the process FMEA, prepare QC process chart and operation standard document (SOP: Standard Operating Procedure), build a production line.
  • When a defect is detected in the production line, the worker in the process presses the alarm button to issue an alarm, call the person in charge of the production line, and quickly report the trouble information to the previous process.
  • In the production line, after a break every two hours not only before the start but the person responsible for each production line is thoroughly informed of the latest trouble information and work precautions.
  • IPQC (In-line Process QC) of the QA division periodically visits the production line to check whether the worker is performing SOP compliant work, checking specifications of serving parts with BOM, temperature of soldering iron, Torque driver torque value, setting of various jigs and tools, etc. are inspected.
  • For shipment inspection, inspection is carried out based on ANSI / ASQC Standard Z1.4 by shipping lots for each pallet so that it can be inspected finely.

On "Efficiently Improving and Maintaining Quality for All Departments of Corporate Activities to Get Customer and Society's Satisfaction"

We are implementing the following initiatives.

  • At the beginning of the year, all divisions set targets and work towards achieving targets, holding management review meetings once a month, management confirms the progress, point out necessary improvement points.
  • Regarding daily quality improvement activities, persons responsible for each production line and QA participate after a fixed time every day to share nonconformity information to prevent recurrence.
  • Regarding market complaints, when QA analyzes and the cause of failure is attributed to work, reflection on SOP and improvement of jigs and tools, when caused by parts, feedback to parts makers (including process audit), when due to design , We are implementing reflections on design standards to prevent recurrence.

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Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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