The UMOAT3160 is a 160W AC-DC open-frame switching power supply for medical devices. It complies with IEC60601-1 and features an isolation voltage of 4000Vac, 2xMOPP for patient protection, and 2xMOOP for operator protection. Equipped with double fuses on the L and N lines, it eliminates the need for additional components, such as fuses in the upstream power supply or additional isolation transformers. This makes it an ideal embedded power solution for medical devices.

Series name



L:160.0 W:75.0 H:37.0/mm


AC Input Rating


DC Output Rating

  • 12.0V/12.50A
  • 24.0V/6.30A
  • 36.0V/4.16A
  • 48.0V/3.13A


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