The UNXVX3018 series is a 18W output interchangeable AC pin adapter designed to be compact and easy to carry. The AC pins feature a simple yet safe attachment design that can be easily changed, but once attached, they are securely fixed for safety. With a selection of plug types for AC pins from around the world, this single model offers the convenience of being usable in various countries and regions globally. Additionally, the series comes equipped with multiple protection features and has obtained safety standards certifications from numerous countries.

Series name



L:78.0 W:39.0 H:60.5/mm


AC Input Rating


DC Output Rating

  • 5.0V/3.0A
  • 5.9V/3.0A
  • 12.0V/1.5A
  • 15.0V/1.2A
  • 24.0V/0.75A



You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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