IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) with boundless business opportunities.Find out more about our Medical Adapter.

UNIFIVE UM Series are IEC 60601 approved for 6W, 8W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W, 36W. This series is a full range design (AC I./P:100-240V) and is built for IoMT devices.


"IoMT ( Internet of Medical Things )"

Sowmya Srinath, Director, Frost & Sullivan, claimed 87% hospitals would be using IoT technology to save costs, reduce burdens and increase value.

The data from IoMT will help doctors’ diagnosis and treatment.

Power Adaptors for IoMT use need to pass the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard and IEC60601-1-2 Ed 4:2014 test. The FDA & European Union recognizes the 4th edition and the mandatory compliance date for new submittals is December 31, 2018.

UNIFIVE Medical Series AC Adaptor: UM Series

IEC 60601 approval :  6W8W12W15W18W24W36W

This series is a full range design (AC I./P: 100–240V) and is built for IoMT devices (including wearable devices; and in equipment for households, apartment complexes, clinics and hospitals). 

UNIFIVE UM Series will be your valued asset.

Wall Mount Adapter USB Adapter Desktop Adapter
  • Wearable devices: for pregnant women, babies, the disabled and disease management devices.   
  • Household: including personal emergency systems, sleep tracking, monitoring after power surges and home security for elderly people. 
  • Apartment complex: including life trackers for vehicle use, single site care inspection, public information stations, and emergency intelligence, etc.   
  • Clinic: for doctors’ diagnosis and use, and connection with IoMT devices.
  • Hospital equipment: including administration, clinical treatment and devices to improve patient experience, such as smart wards.

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