Our new products have been used on Wi-Fi devices on high-speed trains.

IDY Corporation has adapted our AC adapters in IoM Gateway iR720B. *IoM is a registered trademark of IDY Corporation.


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IDY Corporation adopted our AC adapters for Wi-Fi routers on high-speed trains.

Our AC adapters are used for IDY’s IoM Gateway iR720B.

This Wi-Fi gateway is used on high-speed trains and it is for Wi-Fi services in the carriage.

AC adapters for Wi-Fi gateways in the carriage need to be of a higher reliability and higher resistance to temperature change. 

Therefore our AC adapters are suitable for the abovementioned situation. The SU Series is able to operate at a wide range of temperatures, and it is possible to stably supply power to the Wi-Fi gateway. This high reliability has been evaluated by IDY Corporation.

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