About after-sales service

UNIFIVE has a conscientious after-sales service and has received high praise. This page introduces UNIFIVE’s after-sales service.

From customers who are considering buying UNIFIVE AC adapter products, we often receive more inquiries about after-sales service. UNIFIVE strives to be able to respond to various demands with after-sales service so that you can use your product with confidence after purchasing it.

An example of after-sales service

Creation of customer requested materials, such as creating/updating materials related to environmental impact and the investigation of prohibited substances

At the UNIFIVE China Factory, we strive to ensure conformity to criteria by proper management, from the supplier manufacturer and the material manufacturer of AC adapters, to the management at the manufacturing site, and provide safe products meeting environmental standards to customers.

Issuance of non-applicable certificate

Our UNIFIVE AC adapters include certifications such as “Export Trade Control Order Appended Table 1 items 1 to 15” and “Export Trade Control Order Attached Table 1 16 Certificate.”

Failure in market

Even when trouble occurs in the wider market use of AC adapters, we promptly analyze and investigate the cause, and propose improvements for customers and to provide safe and secure products.

Change of specification

UNIFIVE notifies the customer in advance of a change of parts, etc. and makes changes after confirming the customer’s approval, if changes in the parts of the AC adapter are necessary.


We also provide advice on customers’ product development, from proposals, to plans for overseas markets, as well as information on necessary acquisition standards at the customers’ desired destination.

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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