How do your products cope with heat?

This page explains the heat generation of an AC adapter in an easy-to-understand manner, including some examples of specific heat generation. UNIFIVE is able to offer products that meet customer’s heat production criteria.

Frequent inquiries are as follows.

  • “We would like to lower the case surface temperature of an AC adapter.”
  • “We would like to consider using an AC adapter in a special environment.”
  • “We would like to improve the safety of an AC adapter.”
  • “We would like to avoid the problem of accidental component failure.”
  • “We want to reduce heat generation and increase efficiency.”

About thermal measures

We received many inquiries from customers about measures against heat generation for AC adapters.
In order to ensure product characteristics, safety and quality, measures against heat generation of the AC adapter are indispensable.

So why is it essential?

The reason for this is that the heat generation is greatly affected by product characteristics, and conversely the safety and quality of an AC adapter are affected by heat generation. By suppressing heat generation, the product can be used for a long time, due to progress in miniaturization, improvement in product lifespan, and energy savings improvement. This improves the characteristics of the AC adapter and prevents serious accidents such as burns, smoke and ignition caused by heat generation.

As a measure against heat, we propose the following:

  • An AC adapter according to your request and reference values.
  • Addition of a heat radiation shield, etc.
  • Adding heat generation countermeasure parts.
  • Review of rated capacity
  • Case structure review

Examples of effective heat generation countermeasures

So, how do you specifically tackle heat generation measures?

First of all, in designing and developing products, we meet each technical standard in the evaluation of products concerning, design and improvement of the heat sink, the addition of a heat radiation shield, the selection of boards with excellent heat radiation, and the selection of mounted parts. By conducting various environmental tests such as operating environment temperature tests and long term reliability tests, and ensuring and confirming the quality and safety, it is possible to ensure proper customer equipment inspection, and introduce safe products into the market.

As an example, you can design and refine the heat sink, suppress heat generation and ensure compatibility by ensuring safety against heat generation. For customers who wish to have an AC adapter according to their request, please refer to the review of mounting parts and the rating review of the AC adapter itself.

In the future – UNIFIVE

Towards the IoT era of ubiquitous communication equipment, we will take measures against heat generation so that we can respond to various customers’ demands, such as manufacturing according to the usage environment and manufacturing products suitable for the use and conditions of medical equipment.

In addition, we place importance on safety in the market and are conducting safety design that meets the technical standards of the IEC standard of the Electrical Safety Act (PSE) in Japan and standards abroad, and design that is based on customers’ requests for various uses in the market, and requests according to each users’ lifestyle.

We engage in product proposal, design, development and product production to increase productivity and to meet customers’ needs as much as possible.

* By designing an efficient heat sink, it improves heat dissipation, furthers miniaturization, creating safe products for customers.

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Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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