Original design

This page introduces the original design correspondence that responds to customer's request. We would like to design your request for design, such as wanting a colorful AC adapter, wanting to make the product package the original design, making it fashionable like an interior goods.

Design correspondence according to customer's needs / types is possible. We have formed a very abstract idea as a product many times.

About the original design

"I would like to make the AC power adapter the original design ..."


From customers, we have received very much requests for product design, "We want the original design AC power adapter".


For UNIFIVE, products are made to order, with 1 case for model, semi-custom correspondence is possible. So, we can respond to such requests as much as possible.

Of course, depending on the corresponding requirement, various conditions may be attached.

But even then, in the end it is almost always possible to get satisfaction from our customers.

We have realized the demand of a wide variety of designs.


However, the adaptation of the technical standards of the required safety standards varies depending on the purpose of use of the AC power adapter.


From the design point of view of UNIFIVE, AC power Adapter is "Safety first" than Price and Appearance, its appearance priority is secondary order.


The point is the "first safety" part from the viewpoint of the design of UNIFIVE and the realization of "original design" based on customer's request.


As for the issues concerning the original design, there are cases where not only "product design aesthetics" but also other risks are generated as described above.

So, such risks are based on meetings with customers, there are a lot of cases that are developing for the feasibility of original design.

Case study for original design

Case 1
I want to design like interior goods

At company A, designing the product in-house was the most important thing.
In order to match perfectly with customer's product image, we were satisfied with safety standards, we asked for product design including AC adapter.

We informed the customer the distance and space required for the safety standard with the internal board. In addition, we designed the product by designing the exterior of the AC adapter, the outer shell, the "hand portion of the original DC plug to prevent erroneous insertion", and we cooperated with customers.

In this case, we asked the customers to cover the rectangular shape of the cover, the molding of the DC plug with the mold etc, and the cost of evaluation and design development of the safety standards. However, the customer said.
"It became possible to sell it by bundling the only type of AC adapter in the world to its own product"

We were able to provide high customer satisfaction.

Case 2
We want a color variation of the AC adapter

It is a story of a customer of a home electronics maker.
Since the household electrical appliances of our products are white, can we match the color of the outer of the uni-5 AC adapter that is going to be adopted and the DC code to white? Also, because the color has gray, can you prepare two kinds of white and gray? We received consultation. In case
By adjusting the toning agent mixed with the outer resin material, it keeps the flame retardancy grade of the outer. In addition, similarly to the DC code, changing the flame retardant of the outer covering, by changing the toning agent,
While maintaining flame retardancy, it made it possible to change the color tone of the two models.

Case 3
We would like to change the design of product packaging etc. (individual packaging) to original.

In home appliance mass merchandisers and others, AC adapters such as 12.0V, 24.0V for charging for mobile phones are on sale from various companies. Customers who have sold 12.0V, 24.0V etc for such charging AC adapter, received the following consultation.
"We will have to change the individual packaging of our AC adapter to sell at home appliance mass retailers"

(Blister and mount are things that affect the sale of goods to customers who are just charger related.)

Customers designed blisters and packs (plastic individual packaging boxes and the mounts placed in them). In Uni - Five, I raised the type of plastic case of the mount and individual, and we corresponded.

As a result, we were satisfied with that we were able to bring the product to the market with the customer's requested design.

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

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