Measures against small heat generation

We comply with countermeasures against small heat generation in AC power adapters. The UNIFIVE’s AC power adapter is a compact, safe, and secure design that considers heat generation measures and has a wealth of lineups. With a USB charging device, flexible correspondence, such as bundled cabling, is possible.

About the mounting space of the AC adapter

When designing the product for a customer, is there a scenario in which the space becomes a problem with the internal power supply?

The AC adapter is an electronic component that reduces the size and weight of customers' equipment by extending the space to the outside. In recent years, devices like AC to AC power supplies have been seen as tending to use DC output for each circumstance. The following are testimonials from our customers.
"Once, the mainstream fan used AC motors, but fans using quietly designed DC motors have become mainstream. Because they are light and easy to use, many cordless vacuum cleaners use batteries, and the number of objects charging the AC adapter is increasing. Liquid crystal televisions of sizes up to 32 are often using AC adapters. "

As mentioned above, making the power supply external (AC adapter) can reduce the size and weight of the equipment.

What matters is "safety and reliability."

AC power adapters in the Japanese market meet the safety standard of PSE. Also, in overseas markets, we undergo various regulations under the framework of EPS (external power supply).

If you have any safety questions, please don't hesitate to contact our sales associates.

About the small AC adapter

UNIFIVE's small AC power adapter is compact, safe, and designed with heat generation countermeasures in mind. It has a rich line-up. This simple "compact size AC adapter that does not interfere with outlet!" "Easy to carry, foldable blades!" Or small, actually from various angles, proves you can answer your request.

We are preparing various variations to respond to customers' requests for an AC adapter so that we can confirm the product introduction page of our company's unique Five. Of course, we will consider customization such as "I want to adjust for a long life" or "Temperature becomes a matter of concern" for each request and each case. For example, if it is a charger, the USB cable's enclosure can also correspond.

About Unifive's open-frame power supply

Also, regarding the built-in power supply, it is possible to propose a safe and secure power supply, even if it is small, making full use of the experience accumulated through the miniaturization of the AC adapter.

If there is a substrate constraint condition, you can review it if you have a work circuit diagram. Please do not hesitate to talk to a sales associate when you need help.

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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