IoT network equipment

For customers who wish to use AC power adapters and open frames for IoT devices, we have a large selection of operating temperature expansion models, and UNIFIVE already has a wealth of achievements and know-how and has earned high praise. First of all, please look at development examples.

In recent years, the use of "IoT technology" linking "people", "machine" and "Things" will become increasingly popular in the future as being picked up in various media. In "IoT: Internet of Things" we attach various sensors to "Things" and monitor their status via the Internet. By controlling "Things" via the Internet, it will be safer and more comfortable life will be realized.


The enormous amount of information generated by various "Things" "Machine" "Human Behavior" and "Natural Phenomena" is digitized by sensors instead of human beings 24 hours a day, and it becomes possible to collect. Building a highly reliable IoT infrastructure is most important for more sophisticated management.


UNIFIVE, for a long time, we have accumulated technologies to respond to high reliability and long life, mainly based on collaboration with communication equipment manufacturing companies on the premise of operation for 24 hours. Application of these technologies can be widely used not only for communication equipment but also for power supply of IoT products.


In response to the requirements of each customer's equipment in each use environment, we can introduce optimal solutions based on our extensive experience in UNIFIVE. 

IoT network equipment recommended model example "Temperature expansion recommendation model"

Although it is an example, there is a request that customers want to use in a wider temperature range in developing IoT network equipment. We will introduce the "temperature expansion recommendation model" below.

IoT network equipment recommended model (temperature extended product) product spec sheet.

    * 4. Applicable models are compatible with "CEC LEVEL VI" or "RoHS 2".


  • This product is different from ordinary catalog described models at custom-made production (custom correspondence).
  • Detailed warranty terms will be handled separately after consultation. For details please contact Unifive sales representative or distributor sales office, please contact us.
  • * 1, * 2 are reference values.
  • * 3, warranty conditions vary depending on the operating ambient temperature range. Please contact us beforehand to Unifive sales representative or agency window.
  • The described model is AC adapter - body only. Handling of accessories sale of AC cord in INLET model is not carried out now. Please be careful.
  • The described model will be a model for indoor use only. It is not compatible with direct sunlight and waterproofing in outdoor environments. Please do not use it outdoors because it will be used indoors only.
  • May 1, 2017. Specifications / dimensions are subject to change without prior notice due to product improvement.

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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