If you are looking for an AC adapter for HEMS please visit this our case page. Maintenance work such as replacement is difficult for housing related equipment once it is installed, so long life model is required.

Along with the popularization of smart houses in houses, "HEMS: Home Energy Management System" which integrates and manages these, such as photovoltaic power generation system, storage battery, energy-saving home appliances, etc., utilizes IT information technology.


UNIFIVE has provided customers with AC adapters for HEMS, which are used in smart houses, in recognition of many know-how accumulated for many years in IT / information communication equipment field and examples of adoption. We will introduce examples of adoption of adopted AC power adapter in "HEMS" and "Power generation information panel in solar power generation system"

About AC Adapter for HEMS

In general, the AC power adapter is developed based on the IT / information communication equipment standard. Because products such as HEMS are classified as residential related equipment, unlike IT · information communication equipment, customers receive requests from AC power adapters that satisfy more stringent high reliability etc.

① Respond to requests of long-term life model.

Maintenance work such as replacement etc. may be difficult when installing once due to housing equipment.

Also, including special equipment, warranty period may be set longer.  At Unifive, we will realize long-term life model by selecting the model according to customer's request and reviewing the parts to be mounted.

② We will satisfy strict standards under high temperature / high humidity environment.

③ As well as ①, in order to satisfy the conditions under harsh environments in high temperature and high humidity environment, we will review the mounted parts.

④ No cracking due to aged deterioration of solder part High quality · High reliability required

As important items at the request from the customer, there are concerns about cases such as cracks occurred due to fatigue deterioration due to aged deterioration of the solder part, resulting in disconnection.


At UNIFIVE, as one of crack prevention measures in aged deterioration of solder part, we are striving to improve customer's anxiety from the selection of solder material and acceleration test.

⑤ Responding to radio interference in the indoor environment

Radio interference due to radio waves NOISE generated from "PC equipment", "TV", "audio", "various electronic equipment", etc. is a concern. At UNIFIVE, we take advantage of the knowledge accumulated over the years in the field of IT / information communication equipment and are also working on such measures.

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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