Industrial equipment

This page introduces development cases for AC adapters intended for industrial equipment. Our company is adept at addressing customers' specific needs, including providing performance beyond standard specifications and customizing DC plugs for industrial equipment.

The unique usage environment of industrial equipment often requires more than meeting CB reporting and safety standards. We understand your need for enhanced performance and functionality beyond the standard and are here to help.

Case 1 Addressing challenges related to noise.

If your application is an analytical machine, the installed environment may be like a laboratory, and many other devices may be around it. Noise may be an issue.

If the equipment is already assembled and its interior cannot be adjusted, you may need to resort to using an AC adapter. In such cases, we propose effective measures such as changing the MOS, Y condenser, and line filter and attaching ferrite beads as noise countermeasures.

For customers who prefer not to modify the components inside the AC adapter, we suggest attaching a ferrite core to the DC cord. These solutions address the noise issue and enhance the equipment's overall performance.

Case 2 Customizing AC and DC Cord Solutions for Enhanced Usability and Durability in Industrial Applications 

When measuring instruments are used in factory lines, we often receive inquiries requesting AC and DC cord lengths longer than usual for reasons such as securing a power source and safely using the AC adapter. Additionally, there are inquiries about changing the DC cord to one with better bending durability.

While extending the length of the AC side is possible, expanding the DC side could lead to voltage drops and decreased efficiency. In such cases, we will address the issue in coordination with the device's operating range and, if necessary, adjust it to meet the safety standards of the customer's desired destination country.

Regarding bending durability, we can propose switching from parallel to round wires, or, for more demanding requirements, custom orders can be accommodated, considering the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and cost.

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