Information Technology Equipment

The information technology equipment is stipulated to correspond to the equipment specified in IEC 60950 of the technical standard prescribed by IEC. Actually, there are plenty of "information technology equipments" in the immediate vicinity of our lives. This page is an introduction of case developed for information technology equipment.

Applicable standards for information technology equipment

Since there are many target devices, we will extract some examples below. J60950 of the technical standard of PSE of Japan that draws on the flow of IEC is stated that the following devices are applicable.

  • Phone
  • FAX
  • Modem
  • Copier
  • Router
  • Office supply
  • Recorder
  • Computer
  • Public information terminal etc.

As mentioned above, even if only some examples are extracted, a wide range of equipment is stated. In addition to that, even equipment other than those listed may be contacted by the certification body's examination to correspond to information equipment, and it is an extremely wide application standard. With the AC adapter used for the equipment corresponding to these, you must pass the evaluation according to the technical standard of J60950 in appendix Eighth Edition of External Table 12 or Appendix 12 if it is domestic.


For overseas markets, countries that are members of the CB scheme, which is the technical standard of IEC, are required to meet the technical standards of IEC 60950 and the equivalent requirements of each country's own safety standards.


Below are only the technical standards of each country, IEC 60950 is common in each country, so I will introduce it.

Comparative example of "technical standard" of legal safety standard required for selling information technology equipment in the United States and Europe

IEC technical standard IEC60950
UL technical standard UL60950
CE technical standard EN60950

Even in countries that have not ratified the CB scheme, there are many countries that have technical standards very close to IEC 60950, like Taiwan and China. UNIFIVE offers a wide range of lineups for which IEC 60950 has been acquired for items corresponding to these information technology equipments. Although there are differences depending on the series, we have acquired safety standards of 60950standards of each country using IEC 60950 acquired, so you can surely find an AC adapter that can do so to your expectations. 

Examples of information technology equipment

Case 1:  AC adapter for Wifi rooter importer.

Previously, from customers who have imported WiFi access points from abroad:

"Because the included AC adapter is an overseas standard AC adapter, the shape of the plug is also different. We want a highly reliable AC adapter that has acquired equivalent standards."

Of course, we are proposing an AC adapter that PSE and IEC 60950 have been able to obtain in selection of target, but we confirmed the following contents and evaluated.

-      What kind of things are good for DC plug

-      Submission of reliability data. MTBF, lifetime data, open short test etc.


Evaluation was successfully approved, we delivered mass-produced goods by the date of sale definitely and was in time for shipment.

Case 2:  Development for carrier a major telecom

Create custom power supply for routers for certain carriers in Japan. Previously, as mentioned above, from customers, we received requests for custom creation of AC adapters for domestic major telecommunications carriers. Although the product is for domestic use, it is necessary to satisfy IEC 60950 as an incidental condition of reliability, to satisfy both the reliability criteria from the carrier and the customer's own power supply adoption criteria to be manufactured we had to make custom adjustments. 


As mentioned in Case 1, please let us know about the hearing of requests related to the power supply of such case, and initial confirmation concerning the customer's application. At our initial stage, we are proposing a solution that our experienced power consultant takes the initiative to hear about the information on the power supply adoption standard that is necessary at that point, and we are satisfied.


Among the requests, there were items requiring detailed discussion and adjustment of how to respond to customers, such as provision on heat generation of products, adjustment of conduction noise, etc. However, after successful development and mass production we delivered on time. In this equipment, the customer paid for expenses related to acquisition of custom and safety standards such as acquisition cost of the PSE and IEC 60950, circuit development cost, jig preparation fee.

Case 3:  Deveropment for Gateway products.

We got inquiry from Wireless devices manufacture that produces IoM gateway(*IoM is a registered trademark of IDY corporation.)

They were looking for some AC adaoter that can work in -20 to 60℃ condition. But It was quite hard because on market AC adapter's

operating temperature range is 0℃ to 40℃ in general.

We found 3 key point of usage emviroment of this gateway devices from interview with the client. 

1:  Once this gataway set in position, device would never move from the same place.

2: Gateway would be installed on sunny place which is in the roof space or near the window. Therefore gateway would be in the enviroment having drastic changes in temperature.

3: Gateway would be installed in shopping mall, High speed train, householes or factory etc. 

According to the intervierw, we modified AC adapter that was little higher DC current than customer's DC current of actual use in order to make it operates -20℃ to 60℃.

Cliant was sartisfied our modification proposal.

Nowadays this client could sell to national high speed train and we are aprecieted. We have variety of wide operationg temperature range model SU series.


You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

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