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This page introduces our AC adapter for medical equipment and its examples. We have acquired the latest medical standard IEC 60601-1-2: 2014 (4th edition). We have models compatible with EN 60601-1-2: 2015 and will continue to expand our lineup.

Recent advances in medicine and the aging of Japanese population have attracted attention in the medical field. Along with the evolution of medical equipment, we often hear various companies entering medical field. In addition, taking into consideration the progress of technology and ease of use, products are becoming smaller and more multifunctional, measuring instruments for various medical applications have been put to practical use.


With the progress of this technology and the evolution of products, the demand for AC adapters is growing steadily. In familiar places, blood pressure gauge, blood glucose meter, nebulizer, warm moxibustion device, massage device etc. falls under.


From the perspective of the AC adapter, in Japan it is necessary to observe JIS C 9335 (equivalent to IEC 60335) for medical devices to be controlled, JIS T 0601 (equivalent to IEC 60601) for advanced medical devices, according to the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Equipment Law. Using the AC adapter, in products corresponding to these devices, authentication with a set of AC adapter and equipment is required.


We believe that compliance with laws in such equipment will continue to increase further in the future.


At UNIFIVE, we have a lineup of AC adapters that acquired IEC 60601 to respond to these demands. Also, in dealing with the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Equipment Law, in sales and development, such as how to deal with parts overlapping with PSE in the course of its response, we will work closely together with customers.

Case of AC adapter for massage equipment

We have applied for massage equipment to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Equipment Law and have provided solutions for development from our company to customers who are suffering from the selection of the AC adapter. As for that customer, we confirmed the required performance and reliability of the AC adapter and the policy of compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Equipment Law at the beginning of the project. By the way, correspondence to JIS C 9335 is required for massage machine.


In the case of JIS C 9335, it is necessary to confirm the correspondence of the transformer of the AC adapter to IEC 61558. Although it is a definite means, when you have confirmed by the certification body undergoing the certification examination, It can be evaluated by using CB report of IEC 60601 of our AC adapter. 


Therefore, we recommend UM 312 series, our medical use AC adapter.  In the performance requirement of the customer, it was decided to replace the parts s, but since it was in the category of the registered parts of the critical component list out of the CB report, we did not need to customize, just make modifications and customer's evaluation was also successfully completed.


At a later date, the customer will apply for safety with a set of AC adapter and equipment.


Please consult with us when you need help with the AC adapter for medical equipment.

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Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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