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In recent years, in the consumer electronics industry, in addition to fierce competition, products with high added value and full of originality have been invented one by one, turning over various existing ideas at a rapid pace, creating a great product that will make our lives rich and rich It is. Meanwhile, UNIFIVE 's AC Adapter is helping to aid in the evolution of home appliances.

For example, recently, the following items are increasing as appliances are being used, along with the evolution of home appliances.

  • DC motor or battery driven fan
  • Air cleaner
  • Battery-powered vacuum cleaner
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • humidifier
  • Deodorizing machine
  • Small refrigerator
  • Facial Equipment etc.

On the other hand, in the consumer electronics industry, along with the globalization of products, in the overseas development of products, “what are the necessary regulations such as safety standards and energy saving regulations for equipment and AC adapters?" and opportunities to see customers of your troubles have increased. Although the safety assessment of the product itself is certain, it is natural that customers will be troubled because the technical standards and legal systems that must be protected are totally different depending on the country to which the home appliance is directed. At UNIFIVE, we are making products that are closely related to customers' worries.

Example of development of an AC adapter used for electric fans for Europe

The production site used China's EMS, was bundled with the fan and was planned to be sent to Europe. The first thing we checked is what kind of policy we will obtain for customer's individual power supply requirements and compliance with safety standard technical standards.


As a result of confirmation, the primary problem was acquisition of safety standards. Acquisition of EN 60335 was indispensable for the application of this equipment. However, IEC / EN 60335 is a certification body, although some opinions differ, it cannot be acquired with AC adapter separately. It is the safest means for customers to request evaluation from a set of AC adapters and equipment with a certification body.


Also, when evaluating the set of EN 60335, it was that it was necessary to submit a CB indicating that even an AC adapter separately meets EN 61558. This is because the transformer used with the equipment was requested by IEC / EN 61558 structural requirements. Since our company uses a transformer for the AC adapter itself, from the viewpoint of product warranty, IEC / EN 61558 was acquired by the AC adapter and CE declaration was made.


Even after being placed on the customer, we received the SET evaluation of EN 60335, finished development safely and delivered the AC adapter of your choice.


In this case, the design of the AC adapter was able to acquire 61558, and the AC adapter was designed and standards were acquired in anticipation of satisfying the structural requirements of IEC 60335.


If we make a mistake in initial confirmation, we may delay the acquisition of standards, but we could exchange information closely with customers first, so we think that development was successfully completed.


In countries that are not members of the IEC, we do more complicated things than this. Our company has abundant experience in various other domestic appliances for other countries as well.


When you are having trouble with the AC adapter for home appliances, please feel free to ask our company.

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Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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