We introduce the workflow of product development of UNIFIVE's AC adapter and switching power supply. We receive high praise from design to prototype, mass production, quality inspection, and solid after-sales service. Approximately 1500 kind of models annually are shipped and it is over 15,000 units.

1. Market research / introduction of new models

We are collecting trend information on power supply required by customers focusing on interviews with daily sales activities.

We also obtain roadmap information on renewal / new construction of safety standards, environmental standards, energy saving regulations, etc. from each country by certification body.


UNIFIVE develops new products and introduces them to the market at the best timing in order to respond to the demand while considering customer trends and the start time of new standards in each country.

2. design

After confirming the details of the information of the equipment used by customer's power supply, usage method, selling place, necessary safety standards, energy regulation, desired specification etc. at our sales staff, From the lineup of more than 1,500 kinds of our company, we will select the model closest to your request and recommend it.


If you need to change the details according to your internal standard etc., you can change the design, performance, material etc. according to your wishes. We also perform substitute work to acquire safety standards with power supply alone. Especially in terms of electrical performance, we also provide empirical measurement data after tune-up to the performance desired by the customer.

We will provide data acquired by a specialized laboratory certified regarding noise etc. concerning laws of each country.

3. Design inspection mass production prototype

For newly developed products, after completion of technical prototyping, we conduct demonstration experiments to ensure that performance is satisfied on the basis of design inspection by the quality control department.


In general, we will provide you samples in quantities appropriate to the trial production stage after submitting several initial samples.

4. Mass production

At the end of the mass production prototype, the trial production conference is carried out. Regarding problems proposed at the meeting, we will prevent the occurrence of trendy failure phenomena and the deterioration of yield as reflected in mass-produced products.

5. Quality inspection

We perform acceptance inspection of parts (IQC),2.process inspection (IPQC),shipment inspection (OQC).

Parts acceptance inspection (IQC)

Acceptance inspection and inspection of hazardous substances are carried out by extraction method for all parts except for some packaging parts.

Process inspection (IPQC)

"Is it being produced based on specifications? "Is ultrasonic welding surely done? "Is the work done according to the work instructions? "Etc. are checked and inspected for all production lots.

Shipping inspection (OQC)

We inspect electric characteristics based on requirements of safety standards and specifications for all production lots. The following standards are applied to acceptance inspection and shipping inspection.

  • ANSI / ASQ standard Z1.4 level - Ⅱ
  • Critical faults: AQL 0.1% (0/1 judgment)
  • Serious defect: AQL 0.1% (0/1 judgment)
  • Minor defects: AQL 0.65% (Ac / Re criteria are based on the sampling standard list)

6.After-sales service

In case of trouble, analysis of the defective products is carried out. We identify the cause of the occurrence, the cause of the outflow, and prevent the occurrence of similar problems by promptly implementing occurrence and outflow prevention measures.

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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