Lightning surge / noise countermeasure

This page introduces countermeasures against lightning surge in the AC power adapter. Proposals for high pressure resistant models such as correspondence to "IEC 61000", guarantee up to lightning surge 10 kV, custom correspondence are also possible.

It corresponds to lightning surge / noise countermeasure of the AC adapter. As for the presence or absence of effect, various verifications are possible inside the company.

About lightning surge

How do you deal with equipment failures caused by lightning?


If there is a lightning strike near the building, there is a possibility that a high voltage may be applied to nearby wires etc.


This high voltage is commonly called "lightning surge". High voltage generated here may reach household outlet via electric wire etc. Household appliances cannot withstand high pressure, it may be destroyed, or operation may stop.


Damage due to lightning surge can cause malfunction of the AC adapter. Continued use may cause smoke and fire resulting in a dangerous condition.


From the viewpoint of safety design that does not cause such secondary disaster, we must proceed while considering at the design stage.


UNIFIVE closely responds to various customer's custom requirements to prevent destruction of equipment caused by such lightning surge.

About custom correspondence of lightning surge

For general AC power adapters, mainstream IEC 61000-4-5 Level 2 and Level 3 assurance against lightning surge. However, depending on the industry, we are looking for products that guarantee lightning surge 10 KV etc. High pressure products may be required.


There are various types of test standards from the general types specified by IEC and JEC, from lightning surge test standards to test methods that conform to the ITU - T standard established in the telecommunications equipment industry.


For example, home appliances, communication equipment · CATV type equipment,

"We will be in trouble if the AC adapter breaks down due to lightning surge!"

There are many cases where custom correspondence is done to receive requests from customers who are manufacturing such equipment.


However, when actually making it, the condition of the grounding on the secondary side under the equipment setting conditions varies depending on the equipment, the route of lightning surge invasion and so on will differ, so when making it by customization, Even with the part of, it requires extreme caution.


For the reasons stated above, custom countermeasures against lightning surge countermeasures are often tried with customers, and there are many cases where we can work together.

Our company UNIFIVE is able to offer various kinds of AC power adapters.


In custom cases like standard cases, we often propose what we've done "modify" with added varistor and arrester on the basic board of the UNIFIVE AC power adapter, but the board itself can be customized.

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through rigorous quality controls.

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